Choosing Safe But Fun Toys

It can be difficult to know if a child’s toys are safe, and there are dangers you may not see. It’s important for you to monitor what your kids are playing with, and this safety checklist will help you choose the most fun and safest toys regardless of how old they are.

Find the Age Recommendation

When choosing the most popular toys for your kids, it’s important to ensure that they’re right for the child’s age, especially if they’re less than three years old. Every new toy sold has a suggested age range or age listed on the packaging or box.

Read and Follow the Warning Labels

Selecting toys for your kids also involves reading and following all associated warning labels. In most cases, these warnings are inside a rectangular box printed on the toy’s outer packaging. All the best building sets for preschoolers have warnings, and if you don’t find one, choose another toy.

Check for Pointed and Sharp Edges

Although the best construction toys for toddlers are relatively safe, it’s still important to check them for points and sharp edges. This is particularly important for young kids, as they tend to put everything into their eyes or mouths. Even the best toddler balance bikes carry the risk of falls, which can cause a serious injury. Carefully examine used and new toys before allowing your kids to play with them.

Check Strings and Cords

If you’re planning to buy your child one of the best pull toys, you should ensure that the cord isn’t too long and that it’s not looped. Long, looped cords pose a strangulation hazard, among others. This is a problem particularly on old toys; if you’re digging your old childhood toys out of the attic, give them a quick once-over before you allow your kids to use them.

Stay Away From Small Parts

Never buy toys that have loose or small parts for use by children under the age of three. These parts can come loose, and as you already know, kids often put things in their mouths. Before buying stuffed animals or the best toddler trikes, check to see if there are loose parts that may pose a choking hazard.

Ensure That Toys are Strong and Sturdy

It’s important to determine whether the toys you’re buying are built of sturdy, durable materials. In the case of an accident or fall, toys shouldn’t break into small, sharp pieces. Before buying the best indoor play structures and vinyl wall stickers for kids, check the durability of the plastic pieces.

It can be difficult to choose toys that are safe but fun, but the information on this list can guide you in the right direction. By following these tips, you can buy toys that provide years of safe, fun, and imaginative play.